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Free shipping on orders above €50 (NL only)
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Our story


We are We Care Club! A fashion and accessories store with trendy items. At our store you can shop the ultimate on-trend items, ready to be worn by you!

We are committed to keeping our clothes and accessories fun and sophisticated with a playful spice to them. We pay attention to how you feel on the outside and inside.

I (Carey) grew up in a creative family, my mom used to make jewellery and my dad dreamed of being a graphic designer. It always made me realize that I always wanted to start a creative brand for myself. And fashion was something I was always involved in and enjoyed from a young age. We Care Club is a young, fun contemporary online clothing webshop based in the Netherlands. We offer the trendiest designs to help women feel their most confident and unique selves. We are constantly looking for new and trendy items for our buyers. Besides the brand, I wanted to create a place where young women can express themselves through fashion and fully express their confidence and positive mindset. Check out our social media channels for inspiring pictures and more! For any questions feel free to send us an email or DM.